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At Chisholm Law we have many years combined experience in the WA legal profession practising in a wide range of legal matters. We know that every case is unique and different, and we will apply our in-depth, specialist knowledge to meet your exact needs. Simply put, helping you is what we do best.

We have experience across a wide range of legal areas – both migration, civil litigation, criminal and more. Below is some more information on what we can help you with.

Chisholm Law are able to assist family members to obtain:

  • Partner visas to bring their married or de facto partner to Australia
  • Prospective marriage visas
  • Parent visas
  • Child visas, including adoption and orphan child visas
  • Carer visas
  • Remaining Relative Visas.

Chisholm Law can assist in helping you to bring family members to Australia to visit and spend time with you or for that special family occasion. We can assist you in preparing your working holiday or your work and holiday visa applications or to prepare and represent you at an appeal if such visas have been refused or cancelled. We can also help with extending your stay in Australia.

Chisholm Law can assist with applications and appeals for protection visas, including temporary protection and safe haven enterprise visas. We have many years’ experience working in cases involving asylum seekers from over 40 different countries.

Chisholm Law can assist you to apply for Citizenship. We can also assist you to avoid losing your permanent residency status by providing assistance in:

  • Renewing Resident Return visas after long periods of absence
  • Applying for citizenship by descent, conferral and under special circumstances
  • Advising on and appealing citizenship refusals on residence grounds and
  • Advising and appealing citizenship refusal on character grounds
If you have failed on your application for administrative review or for judicial review for a visa, we will assist you by preparing and lodging detailed submissions in accordance with the relevant guidelines for submission to the Department for referral for Ministerial Intervention under the Migration Act.

Chisholm Law can advise you on all aspects of temporary work visas, including the current requirements and regulations relating to the subclass 457 visas, and the changes announced to these visas on 18 April 2017, and changes to the skilled visa programmes effective 1 July 2017.

If you’re an employer with a position to be filled and you seek to nominate the position and to sponsor an employee, we can advise and prepare the relevant forms on your behalf.

If you’re an employee and have lost your job, or are experiencing other difficulties with your work visa, or have had it refused or cancelled, we will assist you.

Chisholm Law provides a comprehensive service for persons seeking student visas to undertake studies or training in Australia. We can assist you in identifying the correct visa, and in preparing and submission of applications for new visas, or extension of visas, in all stream categories.

We provide advice on how you can appeal student visa refusals and student visa cancellations, either to the AAT or to the relevant Court. We can prepare persuasive submissions, taking your particular circumstances into account, and represent you personally in these matters.

Chisholm law has experience in a wide range of Business migration matters. We can assist you in all aspects of the application under the Business Innovation and Investment Program. For example, we can assist in application or appeals in relation to the Business Talent (Permanent) visa (Subclass 132), or the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (Subclass 188), and other relevant subclasses of business visas.

If your visa has expired, and especially if you are held in immigration detention, you will need a Bridging visa. We will work with you to make an application for a Bridging visa, and also in any appeal if you have a bridging visa application refused.

We understand that especially in relation to Bridging visas, urgent action will be required to, for example, argue an appeal for the grant of a Bridging visa to permit release from immigration detention. For such urgent matters, a Chisholm Law lawyer is available for you to contact 7 days a week, anytime of the day or night. Phone (08) 94687317

Our staff have experience across a wide range of legal areas.  You can read about that more here.  Please call us to discuss the problem that you have and we will be happy to discuss it further with you.