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Our experience saves you time and money

One mistake in a migration application can cost you many years and a lot of money.

Our experience means that we can identify issues early and ensure that your application or appeal is complete, and focuses on the matters that the Department of Immigration want to know about.

We really care about making your life easier

Our first priority is you and we work hard to reduce your stress and make the whole process as simple as possible for you.

When you work with us you will feel confident knowing that the work is being done right the first time.


I’ve had bad experiences with other law firms, but this time I had some good service from Chisholm Law. I highly recommended them

You are doing great work for people who have difficulties and problems with their visa.

Attention to detail. These people know their job. Very professional.
They have totally changed my opinion of how lawyers behave towards clients. I highly recommend them for immigration matters


Who is Chisholm

We named our firm, Chisholm Law, after Caroline Chisholm. We decided to do that because we are inspired by her life and work, to honour the life of an extraordinary individual, and to model our practice on her values and principles.

We see that she represents many values, including respect, compassion, persistence, and hard work. Each of these attributes is core to the way in which we strive to deliver our services at Chisholm Law. Caroline Chisholm was never a crusader, rather she saw what needed to be done and did it [1]. That’s how Chisholm Law operates too. Mrs Chisholm’s achievements were made possible by her great gifts of idealism, courage and common sense. Caroline Chisholm’s legacy informs, inspires and guides the mission, purpose and work of Chisholm Law.

Like Caroline Chisholm, Chisholm Law is based on the ideal of service to individuals, groups, and to government and Australia. We at Chisholm Law maintain and build our knowledge and skills to provide the very best service to our clients. Caroline Chisholm worked with immigrants in Australia. So does Chisholm Law. However, we apply the same values to all our work, whether it is in the migration law field or others.

Through her work with immigrants in Australia, Caroline Chisholm aimed not only to improve their life but also to improve the future and prosperity of Australia. Through our work at Chisholm Law, we share the same objective.

[1] Margaret Kiddle, Caroline Chisholm, Melbourne University Press, 1990, p185